No More Begging for Clients,Offering Deep Discounts, and Relying on Referrals!

Learn exactly how to build your automated sales funnel step by step so you can get paid 24/7, make more money, and have more freedom in your life now!


If  you are tired of the feast or famine Mompreneur life, clients today, gone tomorrow, late or slow pays and working 24/7 just to keep the bills paid this is for you!

There is a Better Way to Run your Business + Your Life.

What's the point of being in business if you are constantly worrying about where you next customer or client will come from? What you need is an automated marketing strategy that brings your ideal clients to your business all day, everyday.


Because let's be honest, who has time between homework and soccer practice to chase down referrals in hopes they are even qualified to work with you!


The truth is the more people see your products and services the more you opportunities you have to sell to your target market! Which in turn gives you more profit, more freedom, and the ability to scale beyond your wildest dreams. 


The Marketing Maven Masterclass teaches you exactly how to   build an automated sales funnel that you can implement in your business right now, allowing you to take massive action and change the course of your business by dedicating yourself to just an 1 hr of content a day. 


Marketing Maven Masterclass is more than a course its a way of life

It's Time to Shift the Way you Do Business

This isn't your average masterclass where you just learn content for the heck of knowing more, no this is about shifting the way you do business forever. 

This power packed course offers - 

  • 7 modules of video content + workbook taking you through the basic foundations and principles of building a sales funnel to help you jumpstart your marketing systems
  • The 6 stages of a profitable sales funnel
  •  8 part email sequences
  • Free and paid ads strategies
  •  Live funnel Examples walking you step by step
  • Forecast profit planner to show you how to forecast future profit based on the tried and true marketing strategies you will implement. 

This isn't just about setting up a funnel it's about constructing a new way of running and operating your business so you can have the resources you need to live how you choose and give your time back to those who need you most. 

  • Benefit 1

    By the end of the course you will have the outline of an automated sales funnel that you can implement in your business immediately and use time and time again.

  • Benefit 3

    You can now choose who you want to work with. No more taking clients that aren't right for you just to get paid. No more waiting days and weeks without a call back and no more worries about being "ghosted". You now have quality targeted leads at your doorstep every single day. 

  • Benefit 2

    No more guesswork,  You can now forecast profit and revenue in your business for the next month, 3 months,  6-12 months ahead. 


    Benefit 4



    More time to work on your business instead of in your business. Instead of chasing down potential customers you can create more products, refine systems, hire more qualified staff, finally spend time working on a better customer experience.

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Sarah Walker


The course to help you reach your main goals...

Take a quick tour around Marketing Maven..

Module 1

Learn the foundations of a digital marketing funnel and why traditional marketing no longer serves us.

Module 2

Discover how to get more targeted exposure, and gather leads that convert. Learn what to include in the the top, middle, and bottom of Funnel 

Module 3

Learn the why's behind the digital marketing funnel, how to deliver customized content exclusively to your customers, and how to provide more value to increase conversions.

Module 4

Learn the 6 stages you must include in your profitable marketing funnel.

Module 5

Here we put all the pieces of the funnel together to build it out and start the launch process.

Module 6

Forecasting Profit for the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 months to know exactly how much you will make month after month.

7+ hrs

Video Lessons


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Meet The Trainer

Tiffany Fulcher
Expert Trainer


Tiffany Fulcher is CEO and Founder of 6 Figure Marketing and The Six Figure Sales Academy she has trained and launched online marketing funnels for large and small businesses for the last 8 years. 

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